Staker Token Round 5 Pre-Airdrop Update

Staker Token Round 5 Pre-Airdrop Update

Hello everyone! Welcome to another special article for STAKER token project and this time we will tackle the important updates and news before the upcoming airdrop this weekend.

In the last 48 hours staker token is having some out of gas issues with crex24 that freeze the transaction of both deposit and withdrawal and since this round the airdrop is based on our staker holdings or balance in our ethereum wallet this affects those new airdrop users that wanting to join the airdrop but unable to withdraw their Staker tokens in their own Ethereum Wallet.

To remedy the problem a solutions has been announce to move forward with the airdrop, A simple task was announce yesterday by the dev team to make sure no one is left behind in this coming airdrop. Please be guided that this announcement is for those airdrop participants that have stuck balance on crex24 if your balance is safely stored on your own Ethereum Wallet this announcement doesn’t apply to you.

Send a PM to @Scatter with the following info via discord channel

  1.  Your Crex24 Email Address
  2.  Whole Screenshot of your Current staker balance
  3. Whole Screenshot of your Trading History
  4. Submission start from 20.07 13:30 UTC to 21.07 13:30 UTC

Now when you are done with the above steps just wait for the coming airdrop but make sure you have good activity on discord and you properly re-tweet all the tweets of Staker Token Twitter Account.

As of this today the number of accepted participants for round 5 airdrop is still remains a mystery but that what make it exciting and more surprises after the airdrop, Last week 203 participants has been recorded and we can expect a higher number this week due to non-bitcointalk account requirements for this round.

This week round is a very special round since HODLERS will be greatly rewarded while shortsighted individual will receive less or zero airdrop since this round the airdrop are based on our staker holdings. a percentage based airdrop depending on the total holdings of all participants.

Well that all for today and i hope you find this pre-airdrop update uselful and serve as your guide to check your account before the airdrop cutoff.

Always remember that STR Token is still a brandnew community project and we can expect more community development and news along the way. The whole staker Development team are working very hard to give us a great opportunity and to make a difference in the whole crypto currency market.

That’s all for this day and stay tuned for our daily news about STAKER project and Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on STAKER Crypto Awareness Campaign. 



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