7/19/2018 PRiVCY Coin Community Market Watch

7/19/2018 PRiVCY Coin Community Market Watch

Hello everyone! less than 60 hours to go for the next exciting round of PRiVCY Coin airdrop and today we will focus on the current price movement of PRiVCY Coin in the open market.

Before we start, This article should not be consider as a financial advice and past performance should not be the basis of future performance.

For this market watch we will use Livecoinwatch as the basis for the current price of each PRiVCY, As of this time PRiVCY is being trade on Crex24 and BISQ. (Visit PRiVCY Livecoinwatch Page).

This week we have witness the great bull momentum in the whole cryptocurrency world. With BTC surpassing the 7K Price Barrier and now being tested at $7,400 USD. We still can’t say if this event is the starting point for the next bull run on cryptocurrency. Currently The whole cryptocurrency marketcap is $293 Billion USD which is $36 Billion USD higher from last week. As of this time Bitcoin is being traded @ $7,400 USD Gaining almost $1,000 USD based from the last week market price.

PRiVCY continues to dominate the crex24 market with $5,500 recorded volume in the last 24 hours, PRiVCY is now being trade at an average price of 0.00001275 ฿ there’s no changes based on the previous market watch but the amount of buy support is increasing as more people wanting to buy more PRiV Tokens in preparation for the Airdrop 11. 

We can expect more market movement since airdrop round 7 is coming in less the 60 hours and with the BTC bull run expect people to dump alts in favor of BTC but PRiV is still holding in almost the same USD value of $0.098 USD from the past airdrop weeks.

Buying PRiVCY now has major advantage due to the introduction of the Investors club. Currently PRiVCY Community have 1 member in 100K Club that will earn 2x airdrop multiplier gaining more airdrop every week. this is an attractive investment that will create weekly gains from the airdrop and not to mention that future price appreciation of each PRiVCY Coin.

Less dumpers has been recorded from the past airdrop due to the strict new rules implementation but this doesnt stop the dumpers to take advantage of the free coin weekly. With that being said, In the next coming airdrop a 60% hold rule is in effect and you need to hold 60% of all the airdrop you receive.

That’s all for today, See You again tomorrow for another exciting Community News About PRiVCY Community. Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on PRiVCY Crypto Awareness Campaign. 




This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.


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