Staker Token 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter -

Staker Token 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter

Staker Token 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter


Hello to all Staker Community Members, I Hope all of you are having a good time with  staker community and i would like to thank everyone who continue to support me as their source of latest news about staker, Today i will start by welcoming all new members who just joined the Staker airdrop community, you made a good choice in choosing and supporting staker token project.

Its been another fruitful week for staker token and airdrop 5 validation is over and just awaiting distribution, I know everyone of us are aware regarding the deposit and withdrawal issues on crex24 and the dev team are working closely with crex24 admin to sort out this issues and fix the problem on the staker smart contract. Based on this development and investigation by both parties they have found a bug on the code that cause a spike on transaction fees during automatic withdrawal via crex24, This event results to high transaction fees and failed withdrawal of STR tokens via crex24. To remedy the problem the dev team is now working on a new smart contract for STR token that will eliminate such bugs and to have a flawless transaction with crex24.

Soon, The dev team will announce a Token Swap Event that will replace the old broken code token to a new and improve one to make sure that future exchange listing will not be affected by the bug, its a blessing in disguise that the bug has been discovered this early to ensure no more problem will be encountered in the future.

Currently Staker Token are available on CREX24FORKDELTA and TOKENJAR.

I suggest to everyone to refrain from sending, minting and transfering any of your STR tokens to prevent from losing your coins in the process wait for further announcement from the dev team on when you can safely use your STR Token again.

Going back to airdrop news, For round 5 there are 248 accepted participants that will share  a total pot of 40,000 STR tokens, this figure is 45 higher compare to last week and this is a good sign that the community is growing every week. The distribution for round 5 will happen after the token swap event and airdrop everyweek will continue as usual.

Did you know STAKER TOKEN is available on COINLIB?Visit Staker COINLIB Page

Staker Community is Growing Everyweek with 1,823 Discord Members recorded as of today and it was 246 Members higher compare to last week.

With almost 160 users online at the average everyday its truly a great achievement of STAKER Community. Remember this is a team effort and everyone deserves some applause.

That’s all for this week and stay tuned for our daily news about STAKER project and Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on STAKER Crypto Awareness Campaign.