PRiVCY Coin Round 7 Pre-Airdrop Community News

PRiVCY Coin Round 7 Pre-Airdrop Community News

Hello PRiVCY Community! In the next 24 hours another exciting PRiVCY Coin airdrop will be held again and still 450,00 Coins is up for grab for all airdrop participants.

This week no major changes has been announce for this week airdrop requirements, But as always we are all required to show some activity in both discord and bitcointalk forum also don’t forget to Re-Tweet all the official tweet made the PRiVCY Twitter Account.

Going Back to the airdrop statistics, Last week there has been a total of 887 total airdrop participants with 740 hodlers 147 New and Dumpers Participants. This week we still don’t have the exact number of participants for round 7 but we can speculate it would be a little higher compare to last week airdrop.

With 450,000 PRiVCY coin up for grabs for this week we can see how the division of participants will take place since all new members from last week that didn’t touch 60% of their total airdrop are now eligible to be part of HOLDERS Club will join with the elite that will share the 90% of the total airdrop pot, While the remaining 10% will be share again by newly signup airdrop participants and the dumpers club that didnt follow the 60% holding requirements.

The volume of PRiVCY in crex24 almost reach $10,000 USD due to the genius marketing made by the development team. The Exciting and Generous Trading Competition are encouraging people to trade PRiVCY, Aside from excting prizes they are helping PRiVCY to increase its Daily Trading Volume in order to qualify for Coinmarketcap listing and to boost PRiVCY coin crypto-community awareness.

That’s all for today, See You again tomorrow for another exciting Community News About PRiVCY Community. Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on PRiVCY Crypto Awareness Campaign. 




This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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