Staker Token Round 4 Community News and Updates

Staker Token Round 4 Community News and Updates

Hello Staker Community! Welcome to my first Community News and updates for Staker Project. First and foremost this is a unofficial news and everyone should refer to #announcement channel for official staker news and updates.

Airdrop registration are still running in the next 13 hours based on the countdown timer available on the official website (Visit Staker.Network) If you are still not registered on the airdrop i suggest complete the required steps (Read: Airdrop Registration Newbie Guide) while there’s still time before the airdrop registration close.

Staker Project are one of its kind on the market, Currently this is the only Ethereum Token that has a Proof of Stake Functionality in the market. There must be some other but this by far has the most active and fastest growing community in the airdrop arena.

Multiple promotion has been launch in the last 24 hours (Read: Trading Competition Begins) to create more community engagement on the staker project. From Daily Purchase Contest, Trading Competition and the most generous promotion the Whales Club. All this promotion are exclusives for this round (4) and i am positive that this promotion will be held again in the next coming airdrop round.

Starting today, My Article for Staker will come on a daily basis to further support the project and while giving the whole staker community a fun and informative articles to keep them updated and well informed about the staker projects.

That’s all for today, Remember Staker Token is Unique ETH tokens and Holding one offers great benefits and We have an active development team behind.

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