PRiVCY Round 6 Post-Airdrop Community News

PRiVCY Round 6 Post-Airdrop Community News

Hello Everyone! Another PRiVCY Airdrop Week have passed and As always saturday is the most special day for all PRiVCY Community Members. Before i start with today’s news, i would like to say thank you to all PRiVCY Community Members who supported me with my Daily Articles and Giving Extra Social Media Exposure for my works. Also i would like to thank the PRiVCY Dev team for allowing me to serve such a wonderful and lively community.

Going back the airdrop news, In this round a total of 450,000 PRiVCY Coin has been shared by 887 Airdrop participants and today the new airdrop mechanics and rules will take effect and HODLERS will share on the 90% Total Airdrop pot while the remaining 10% are shared by the new airdrop participants and old members that didnt comply with the PRiVCY Holding Requirements for this round.

For this round 50% Holding requirements is enforce and a total of 740 HODLERS are recorded on this round while there are 147 New and Non-Hodlers Members for round 6.

Each HODLERS recieve 537.88 PRiV each with est. today’s market value of $40 USD, While all others receive 304 PRiV with est. today’s market value of $22 USD. This figure shows that HODLERS are greatly rewarded compare to all those members that dump their weekly airdrop as soon as they receive it. For all new members you also have the chance to join the hodlers circle if you keep hodling your first airdrop and hodling it to the required holdings requirements for the next airdrop.

As of this time each PRiV are being trade @ $0.08 USD with Daily market volume of $3,000, We can expect less dumpers during this round due to holding requirements for this round and less PRiV will be dump in the open market.

Moving on to Kucoin Exchange, We are now on the 43rd spot and we still have 24 hours more to move our rank to atleast top 20 coins so we can have some extra exposure and publicity. Winning the Free Listing Competion right now is an impossible feat, But don’t lose hope as the airdrop goes by and the community get more bigger we will surely try again to win the next free listing competition. (READ: GUIDE TO KUCOIN VOTING)

Congratulation to all Airdrop Participants who receive their precious PRiVCY Coins and to all others who are not qualified for this round don’t lose hope there are still 14 more airdrop rounds and next time make sure to follow all the rules and complete all the requirements. One more thing, Don’t forget to be active on BOTH Discord and Bitcointalk Forum. We are checking all the participants activity on both channel.

That’s all for today guys! i hope everyone is happy since Saturday is the Favorite day of all PRiV Airdrop Participants. See you guys again tomorrow for another Edition of PRiVCY Community Newsletter.

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This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.


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