Introduction to Staker Token Project -

Introduction to Staker Token Project

Introduction to Staker Token Project

Hello Everyone! Today i will make a project overview for staker token, Ive been a member of staker community for 3 weeks now and i am surprise to myself why i haven’t make a proper introduction and project overview regarding the project.

So what is Staker Token? Well for a start its a ERC20 Standard Token,So basically its a Crypto currency built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. If you are familiar with ICO nowadays 99% of them are using Ethereum Blockchain for their native cryptocurrency or tokens.

Staker Token is not your ordinary ERC20 Token buts its actually a Token that has a Proof of Stake Functionality. If you are familiar with different POS Coin in the cryptocurrency market like peercoin that you need to run your wallet 24/7 in order to generate a stake rewards. But Staker Token is not your ordinary Proof of Stake Coin/Token, First off it 100% green energy type of staking which don’t require you to run your PC/Machine 24/7 to generate a stake. By simply having a STAKER Token balance on your Etherwallet you can interact with the smart contract to initiate a stake function.

So how does it really works? Its fairly simple, Staker Token is a mintable smart contract under the ethereum blockchain. Its currently one of the fastest growing project in the CryptoCurrency Community. New Staker Token can be minted by a smart contract, i will not bother for technical details on this article but i will make a basic tutorial on how it works on my next article.

Currently Staker Token is running a non-ico Airdrop Campaign in order to capture the heart of the crypto community. There are 16 rounds in total and 4 is already completed and distributed to all airdrop participants. If you are aiming to join the project simple follow the link below.


Well that is the basic things you need to know about staker airdrop project, The staker Developer are very active in answering all community queries and all staker community staff are very helpful everyone will welcome you with open arms.


That’s all and i hope you find this article useful in making your decision in joining this active airdrop community. Thank you for reading!

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