PRiVCY Coin 3rd Community Weekly Newsletter

PRiVCY Coin 3rd Community Weekly Newsletter

Hello everyone! Another fruitful week have passed for PRiVCY Community and alot of things happen this past week. This is our 3rd Weekly Community Newsletter and we will tackle and recap all things that happen in the last airdrop week. If you miss the 2 Previous Community Newsletter follow the link below.

PRiVCY 5th Round Airdrop

Another Airdrop week have passed and a total of 1081 Airdrop Participants Shared the 450,000 Airdrop Pool on Round 5 Airdrop which is 84 members higher compare to last week airdrop. Each Participants Receive 412 PRiV Each Or $42 USD worth of coins on today’s market price.

Next week round #6 will be held again and 450,000 PRiV are up for grabs for all PRiVCY Airdrop Participants. For Transparency purposes PRiV Team provides the list of all participants ( LINK )

New Rules has been announce yesterday and this is an important milestone for PRiVCY Community. You should take time to read the official announcement on discord channel. This is a very important update that need’s everyone attention. ( Read: PRiVCY NEW RULES UPDATE )

PRiVCY Coin has been sucessfully integrated on Bisq Decentralized P2P Exchange Platform, To start using BISQ Follow this LINK

PRiVCY Coin is availble on CREX24 - START TRADING


Help PRiVCY Coin get Listed on BITEBTC Follow BiteBTC Twitter and Comment Why PRiVCY is worth adding to BITEBTC, Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet PRiVCY-Manager Tweet 

Did you know PRiVCY is also available on COINGECKO? Visit COINGECKO

Development Update 

A new non-mandatory wallet update has been released. Feel free to download the PRiVCY Wallet v1.2.1.0 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

New PRiVCY Wallet v1.2.1.0 Changelogs

  • Updated checkpoints
  • Allow deletion of addresses
  • Auto generation of PRiVCY.conf for all OS’s
  • Support getnetworkinfo and getblockchaininfo RPC
  • Removed confidential information being recalled
  • UI redesign and enhancements

Join Official PRiVCY Telegram Channel

PRiVCY Official Discord Community now has 7,472 Members as of this time of writting with an average of 700 Users online at a given time. This is 339 New Members from the previous week. Lets all Continue to promote and share the airdrop opportunity given by the dev team. Remember This is a community project and we as a PRiVCY Community member has an obligation to support PRiVCY Dev Team and its staff with its marketing and Awareness Campaign.

That’s all for the week and see you again for tomorrow’s exciting new week for $PRIV, Don’t forget to Like and Retweet! Thank your for Reading.




This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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