PRiVCY Coin Round 5 Post Airdrop News

PRiVCY Coin Round 5 Post Airdrop News

Hello Guys,its been another successful week for PRiVCY Community. A total of 450,000 PRiV has been shared by 1081 airdrop participants, Each user receive a total of 412,125 PRiV that has today’s Estimated market value of $38 USD. (PRiVCY Coin is Available in Livecoinwatch)

With 1081 airdrop participants it was 84 members higher compare to last airdrop round, By next week another 450,000 PRiV are for grabs for the next round of airdrop and we can expect the airdrop participants to increase further as more and more people are seeing the advantage of joining the PRiVCY airdrop project compare to an ICO bounty Programs.

We can see that less complaint’s has been recorded this week due to the great effort of the support team to handle all question and help all new participants with their airdrop registration, Special Shoutout to @Raypok @Comeback @Retrograde7 and #THXminer who are doing a great job in helping the whole PRiVCY Community.

Reminder to all Airdrop Participants, You are free to SELL or TRADE your PRiV without affecting your airdrop status. But you should be aware that starting airdrop 11 there will less airdrop for non-holders and All HOLDERS will be greatly rewarded starting Round 11.

At this time each PRiV are being traded @ 0.09 USD and as expected after every airdrop round some users are rushing to sell their PRiV coins which cause some slight downward trend on the price of each PRiV, But i always believe that in every dumper a HODLER is Born.

That’s all for today guys! i hope you everyone is happy since Saturday is the Favorite day of all PRiV Airdrop Participants. See you guys again tomorrow for another Edition of PRiVCY Community Newsletter.

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This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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