Top 5 reason why you should join PRiVCY Airdrop

Top 5 reason why you should join PRiVCY Coin Airdrop

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special edition article here at, Today we will focus on top 5 reason why you should join PRiVCY Airdrop. We will feature or highlights the best strong points of PRiVCY coin compare to other cryptocurrency.

#1 An Active and Responsive Community

PRiVCY Coin is one of the fastest growing community in the whole cryptoverse, PRiVCY started with its humble beginning on the first day of June 2018, Since then it grows to almost 7500+ Community Members and still growing and expanding to reach more people that are interested in joining a brand new start up coin that focus on privacy and security.

#2 Active and Friendly Development Team

Everyone one of us had an experience in joining different cryptocurrency project and the first thing we are looking for is the Developer Community Activity, We always ask,. Is the Dev Available to answer question? Here at PRiVCY, Developer are actively participating in the common discussion on the community chat. a rare trait of a developer that is ussually hard to find nowadays. I always believe that communication is the key to success and PRiVCY Development team are doing a good job in communicating with the whole PRiVCY Community.

#3 No ICO or Funding/Investment 

This is the best strong point of PRiVCY, They didnt require any ICO or any Donation Drive in order to start their project. Its always hard to find a project nowadays that is not doing ICO or IPO from its community.

#4 Talent Is Born on PRiVCY Community

Everyday we saw new talents is born within the PRiVCY Community, Participants are sharing different things from simple Meme’s, Airdrop Graphics, Article’s and Video’s, We can see that everyone is improving day by day and PRiVCY is playing an important with the improvement and PRiVCY is bringing out the best on us. 

#5 Monetary Gains

We are all in the bussiness of making money online and its hypocrite to say that we dont care about money. Here at PRiVCY, Airdrop Participants don’t have any restrictions or limitation on what participants want to do with their Airdrop Coins. Basically, Airdrop participants can freely Buy/Sell or Trade their PRiV Coin without affecting their airdrop acceptance status.

That’s all guys! I do hope you enjoy this article and feel free to Share, Like and Retweet. See you guys again tomorrow for another news and updates about PRiVCY.



This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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