7/25/18 PRiVCY Coin Community Market Watch

 7/25/18 PRiVCY Coin Community Market Watch


Hello everyone, Welcome to another article for PRiVCY Coin project, as always everyweek we are publishing 1 article about the market movement of PRiVCY Coin to see and compare the week to week performance of PRiVCY in the open market.

Before we start, This article should not be consider as a financial advice and past performance should not be the basis of future performance.

For this market watch we will use Livecoinwatch as the basis for the current price of each PRiVCY, As of this time PRiVCY is being trade on Crex24, BiteBTC and BISQ. (Visit PRiVCY Livecoinwatch Page).

This week we have seen the bull is gaining momentum with BTC gaining almost $800 USD in price from the last week price of $7,400. Currently Bitcoin is being traded @ $8,200 and it shows some resistance to $8,500. Once we break the $8,500 price we can safely says that bull run is officially started with Bitcoin Market.

As you may know, PRiVCY Coin and other altcoins sufffers a major bleeding in the last 7 days. This is a common scenario when BTC price is rising. Crypto Traders ussually dump their ALTCoin in order for them to ride the BTC Train. PRiVCY Coin is not exempted to this event and as of this week PRiVCY Coin lost almost 35% of its value from the last week price of 1275 Sats. As of this time PRiVCY Coin is being traded at 800 Sats.

We can expect that this event is just a temporary setback and in the upcoming week or 2, we will see that all ALTCoin will follow BTC price.

As always weak hands started to panic with this massive downfall of PRiVCY Coin and force them to sell at this lowest price. This is the sign that they are not a true believer of this project and only thinks about the monetary returns from the weekly airdrop.

Keep in mind that this is long term project and today’s price should be a good entry point for investors that is willing to hoard more coins from the weak hands and non-believer.

PRiVCY Coin is now being traded at BITEBTC and we can see a price difference between Crex24 and BiteBTC and good profit if you know how to arbitrage trading. But keep in mind that in order to use BiteBTC you need to complete their KYC procedures.

Start Trading PRiVCY Coin at BITEBTC

In the next coming airdrop a 70% hold rule is in effect and you need to hold 70% of all the airdrop you receive.

That’s all for today, See You again tomorrow for another exciting Community News About PRiVCY Community. Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on PRiVCY Crypto Awareness Campaign. 




This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from $PRIV developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via $PRIV Discord.

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