GPTCash Project will Generate Revenues from Advertising

GPTCash Project will Generate Revenues from Advertising


Hello Goodmorning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will discuss the recent announcement made by the GPTCash Dev team about the income stream from in-forum advertising.

GPTCash Dev team are actively seeking a real use case for GPTCash and their first coarse of action is to start selling advertising space on their native cryptocurrency forum named, Based on their Project Roadmap they will launch a GPT or Getpaidto platform that will use GPTCash as a currency of choice. Creating additional revenues from their forum is not a bad idea and most members agreed on the banner placement since it doesnt interfere or obstruct the forum discussion.

GPTCash already starts placing CPM advertising from a-ads and so far it doesnt affect the forum performance or affects the forum navigations. GPTCash will also offer in-forum advertising, Any projects are welcome to be promoted inside Airdroptalkforum since its a open for all cryptocurrency projects and not exclusive to GPTCash project.

All Forum Advertising income will be use to buy off GPTCash from Exchange and all GPTCash bought using the advertising income will be used for Minisale investors rewards, Staff & Team Salary after the airdrop and Forum Operational Expenses. Buying off GPTCash from the exchange is a win win scenario for everyone inside the GPTCash community because it will create more liquidity for the market and additional trading volume.

GPTCash & Airdroptalkforum is an ambitious cryptocurrency projects and we will see how far can they go during this bear market. But i am postive that everything will go fine according to their roadmap and as a normal member point of view GPTCash is a well organize project and well equipped to handle a project this magnitude.

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