GPTCash Coin Project Basic Introduction

GPTCash Coin Project Basic Introduction


Hello goodmorning everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal blog, the home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will introduce a newly start airdrop project that been recently announce in bitcointalk forum.

Cryptocurrency market are still in the bearish season and we haven’t seen any signs of bull for this last quarter of 2018. But this market condition will not stop Bitnewsportal to bring you the lastest airdrop opportunity available.

Today i present you GPTCash Coin, A cryptocurrency airdrop project that will held a 30 rounds of weekly airdrop. Currently i don’t have any exact details on how they will do the airdrop since they just announce a pre-launch mode in bitcointalk but most details are available in their official forum named AirdropTalkforum.

GPTCash coin basically wants to be the leading payment of choice in the GPT industry where paypal takes most of the market share, On my understanding they will launch their own fivver like platform that will enable users to complete jobs and earn GPTCash in the process, Lets wait for their official whitepaper on what is their plan of action in the future.

A much more detailed review will be posted soon as the project develops and community grows.

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