GPTCash announce future plans for airdrop round 6

GPTCash announce future plans for airdrop round 6


Hello Everyone! Welcome again to The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity! Today we will feature an article about the future plans of GPTCash in upcoming airdop round number 6.

GPTCash recently announce their plans of action in GPTCash Airdrop Project. The Dev team posted serveral things on what GPTCash community can expect from GPTCash in the upcoming weeks. Read the official announcement by the devteam “what to expect on airdrop round #6” 

Airdrop Platform

GPTCash dev team announce as one of their plans from airdrop #6 is their own airdrop platform. The dev team provided some information on what can we expect in this platform, First they announce that starting Airdrop #6 Twitter Account will be an optional requirements and this will open doors to new airdrop participants that cannot join due to Twitter Requirements for the airdrop.

This platform will also be used as a portal where GPTCash community can complete some task in order to earn more stakes for the airdrop. This will be a good system that will give everyone a fair chance to receive more airdrop depending on their activity.

Exchange Listing

Everyone is waiting for this momment when GPTCash land in a Active Exchange Platform. I know everyone of you are excited to Buy and Sell GPTCash in the open Market. Dumpers and Shortsigthed People will be the first to rush in to Sell their Airdrop Gains. Always Remember GPTCash has 80% HOLD Requirements and We need to HODL 80% of the total Airdrop we receive to qualify for the airdrop.

Advertising Space

This is by far the best thing that will happen for AirdropTalkForum when they start selling advertising space, The dev team are kind enough to allow me to test the advertising system by using my blog banner for my Article About GPTCash. Once They start selling advertising space this will generate more revenues for the project that can be used for further project development.

Bounties, Giveaways and Contest

Who don’t like bounties? Specially giveaways. The dev team announce that there would be more bounties and giveaways in the forum. Today they have started a Memes Contest that will run for 2 weeks, If you have a creative minds you can join and submit your entry. JOIN THE MEMES CONTEST

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