Deep points Anti Farming Solution! -

Deep points Anti Farming Solution!

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Deep points airdrop has been hit by too many abusers and cheaters that only ruin the name of deeponions in the crypto industry. There’s has been numerous suggestion among community members that wanting a clean and healthy discussion in the forum. The devteam already acted on some of the suggestion but still the community suffers from low quality members that keep posting the same thing over and over again this kind of posting behavior is not healthy for deeponion in the long run.

The solution

Only DEEP ONION’s Airdrop Participants can PARTICIPATE and Get Onions from the Deeppoints airdrop., This will be a more healthy move since QUALITY MEMBERS will benefit with this changes and the low quality spammers will be eliminated totally since those profit seekers don’t care about the community. If they are really serious about DeepOnion Community they can simply join the AIRDROP and Get 2 Airdrop Benefits.

This rules will lessen SPAM, Low quality post, Cheating, and Abuse. Once caught abusing the system you are risking both Main Airdrop and Deep Points Airdrop. So this will translate to more QUALITY Domination results and people will start seeing the more POSITIVE SIDE of DeepOnion and the SPAM Community image of deeponion will be forgotten by the industry.


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