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Why we should Fight SPAM in DeepOnion Forum


In the last 2 weeks since the introduction of DeepPoints Airdrop, The forum attracted members in different shape and form. From limited numbers of legit members upto the massive numbers of cheaters and abusers that rape the system for their own profits and doesnt add value to the community.

We cannot single out new members of the community but we should be vigilant and help the moderating team by reporting users that we think violating the forum rules. A simple gesture to help the community clean from spammers who only open numerous threads and answering threads that already been answered & dont add value to the discussion.

How to spot a serial spammer, When you see a 2 week old members having almost 500 + post in a short span of time its the best example of a serial spammer, The alibi of working 15 hours daily to achieve that post is not a definite proofs that you are not a spammer. This is not a good sight to see specially in the eyes of investors. If one can SPAM all they want, why investors should invest on a project if he can just SPAM his way forward.

A spammer and low quality posters will never help the community grow, Even with SEO they are the bad eggs of our beloved community.

If you truly love your community CLICK REPORT Button when you spot a spammer and Lets Make DeepOnion Community Forum a clean and a healthy place for discussion.

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