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Synchrotron’s inception is borne out of the concept of accesibility for all in crypto. A community-led and community driven coin is what we aim to achieve with Synchrotron. For this reason, we will not offer an ICO because we do not believe in undue hype and speculation. Rather, we present Synchrotron as a free airdrop coin to crypto community. Synchrotron coin is a proof-of-stake coin which rewards STC holders via a staking function built into our core wallets. Our focus is to build a solid and complete ecosystem in the form of a coin wholly driven by and community oriented.

Project Name: SynchrotronTicker:: STCAlgo:: ScryptANN Date: Dec 14, 2018
POW: Upto 100K BlocksPOS: 10% AnuallyMasternode: n/aAirdrop: Join the Airdrop
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