Synchrotron Round #6 Post-Airdrop Community News –

Synchrotron Round #6 Post-Airdrop Community News

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Hello good moorning everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we feature the update who recenly concluded airdrop round #6 of Sychrotron Coin Project.

All is well again for another weekly airdrop of STC project. Numbers are growing with 118 Members successfully completed and passed the validation for airdrop #6.

Airdrop Statistics

There are total of 118 Successful Airdrop Participants that will share to 300,000 STC for this round #6

  • 5 Members of the Staff Team receive a total of  17,160.98 STC
  • 7 Members of the Donator and Whales Club receive a total of  40,423.62 STC
  • 25 Members of the Optional Signature Participants receive a total of  52,156.08 STC
  • 81 Normal Members receive a total of 190,259.32 or  2348.88 STC each

Airdrop Growth

Airdrop round #6 participants grow by 9 new airdrop participants compare to 92 people from round #5, Totalling to 118 Active Airdrop participants.

Donators Membership increase by 2 more additional members that bought and join STC Minisale.

Signature Participants increase by 16 new members that take advantage of the generous multiplier that is given to all those members that wear STC signature in bitcointalk.

Airdrop #7 Registration is now live and also the optional signature bounty is now open for registration. Check the #rules and #airdrop-info for additional information about the airdrop. XP has been reset yesterday and you should start joining now in some discord community discussion to earn chat XP to qualify for the airdrop.

Did you know? Synchrotron Webwallet is now available?

[Read: Synchrotron official Webwallet launched]

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That’s all for today! Stay tuned for tomorrow 3rd weekly community newsletter for Synchrotron Project.  i hope you find this article useful and don’t forget to share, like and retweet this article. Thank you for reading…



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