Synchrotron Coin Launch its own Mini Sale –

Synchrotron Coin Launch its own Mini Sale

Synchrotron Coin Launch its own Mini ICO Sale

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Hello Good Morning Everyone! Welcome Again to Bitnewsportal Blog the home of the best projects and Airdrop Opportunities. Today we feature the latest update about Synchrotron airdrop project.

Yesterday Synchrotron Development team announce the launch of their Mini  Sale to raise money for Exchange Listing and project development.

MiniSale Details

  • 2,500,000 STC Coin are available During the Minisale period
  • 500,000 STC Coins are available at 400 Sats Each
  • 1,000,000 STC Coins are available for 500 Sats Each
  • 1,000,000 STC Coins are available for 600 Sats Each

MiniSale Rewards Structure

All Minisale Buyers are entitled to receive 10% Additional Airdrop for all the remaining airdrop round until you reach the required number of STC Coins to join the special whales club membership.

  • 30K Club: 1.5x multiplier + coloured username
  • 50K Club: 1.75x multiplier + coloured username
  • 100K Club: 2x multiplier + coloured username
  • 250K Club: 4x multiplier + coloured username

Aside from the Extra Multiplier By joining 50k & 100K Club a Dedicated Mod will be assigned to you and for 250k club a core team member will be at your disposal.

All Minisale purchase is done via the Official Discord Channel of STC Visit #whales-club channel for much more detailed explanation about the Minisale. Only the Development Team are allowed to collect and facilitate all Minisale purchase.

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