Synchrotron Coin 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter –

Synchrotron Coin 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter

Synchrotron Coin 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter

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Hello Goodmorning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog. The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we feature the 2nd weekly community newsletter of Synchrotron Cryptocurrency airdrop project. Today we are covering all the latest updates and news that happens in the past airdrop week.

Airdrop Round #5

Airdrop Round #5 has been succesfully completed with 109 Airdrop participants that shared to the 300,000 STC Coins alloted for Airdrop #5.


A much more detailed statistics is available on the weekly post airdrop news for rounf #5



Airdrop Registration for round #6 is still open and you still have plenty of time to complete all the requirements to qualify for the airdrop. Visit #rules and #airdrop-info channel for more detailed information about airdrop round #6.

Development Updates

 Synchrotron Web Wallet v1.0

Official Webwallet  is now available for public use. Still on the early phase of development but all the basic wallet function is available.



Create your STC Webwallet account

Synchrotron MiniSale

Join and Participate the STC Minisale and enjoy additional multiplier from weekly the weekly airdrop.


Visit #whales-club channel for more information.

Everyday more people are joining the donator group and all of them will enjoy additional 10% weekly airdrop. A special discount sale is currently running and you can enjoy up to 6% Bonus on top of your purchase and if you are the first member of the 100k Club you will receive a whooping 10% bonus on your purchase.

Community Growth Update

  • Twitter Followers – 384 Followers (+71 followers from last week)
  • Discord Members – 867 Members (+226 Members from last week)
  • Bitcointalk – 11 Pages of Discussion (+4 Pages from last week)
  • Medium – 5 Followers (+1 Follower from last week)
  • Telegram – 269 Members (+8 Members from last week)

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