Synchrotron 4th Weekly Community Newsletter –

Synchrotron 4th Weekly Community Newsletter

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we feature another weekly community newsletter for Synchrotron Project. Now on its 4th weekly release.

Airdrop Updates

Airdrop #7 is another succesful week for Synchtron project with 117 Airdrop participants shared the total airdrop fund of 300,000 STC Coins

CryptoStake Listing

Synchrotron Community prove for the first time that they can win any voting competition when everyone start working together towards a common goal.

Mini Sale

Synchrotron MiniSale are still open for interested parties and individual that is looking for additional staking power by purchasing STC Coins from the Minisale event.
Visit #whales-club for info.

Contest and Quizes are being held on both Discord Channel and Telegram Channel. Make sure to visit from time to time for a chance to win extra STC Coins. 

Many people are asking about exchange listing. STC Dev Team are following its designed roadmap and exchange listing can be expected this Q1 of 2019 or upto March 2019.

Community Growth

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