SUQA 02/11/2019 Weekly Recap –

SUQA 02/11/2019 Weekly Recap

Hello Good Morning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, the home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will feature the weekly recap for SUQA Cryptocurrency project.

Its been a busy week for SUQA Development Team, They had been releasing constant updates regarding the most awaited hardfork event for the project rebranding and now we will go back and recap all the happenings and events inside the SUQA Development.

Dpow Implementation

SIN Blockchain Core wallet

X25X New Algo


SUQA Development Team are just waiting for new updates from komodo development team and soon Dpow will be implemented in SUQA Project.

SIN Core Wallet

SUQA Development Team are working on the new Rebranded SIN Blockchain Core Wallet.

X25X Algorithm

The new X25X Algorithm is ready and pools has been notified for the new updates and soon GPU Miners will join the testnet for the final check.

SUQA Development team are doing its best to complete and finish everything before the 100,000th block halving time by next week. 

2 New SUQA Mining Pool

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