Staker Token Round 13 Airdrop Rules & Requirements –

Staker Token Round 13 Airdrop Rules & Requirements

Staker Token Round 13 Airdrop Rules & Requirements


Hello Staker Community! Another new airdrop week for staker token project and the new rules and requirements for airdrop 13 has been announce by the dev team.

Everyweek new rules is being posted by the dev team and everyone should pay attention to the announcement so you will not miss the weekly airdrop.

Here are the summarize of the rules & requirements for the airdrop for this 13th round.

Airdrop #13 Rules

Basic Rules

  1. Bitcointalk Account Registered on or before July 25, 2018
  2. Newbie Upto Legendary Account Accepted
  3. Newbie account needs to have 100 STR Balance + 21 Activity Points
  4. Twitter Account needs to have atleast 100 Followers – Dead Account will not be accepted
  5. Distributions will be based on Bitcointalk Rank

Things to do

  1.  Discord Activity – Inactive Accounts will be skipped (Hi, Hello, Good Morning/Evening) is not considered as activity.
  2.  Copy Pasting Rules/Announcement is strictly prohibited to increase Activity Points.
  3.  Must Re-Tweet all Tweets By Staker Token for this Airdrop Week
  4. 1 Original Tweet and must contain this hashtags ( #STR #AIRDROP #cryptocurrency #POS ) together with your Discord Invite Link
  5.  Wear the personal text of staker token on your bitcointalk profile ” – POS Smart Contract ETH Token “
  6. Add Your ETH address in your Bitcointalk Profile (BTC,Location,Skype,Others Contact Info) Choose your fields.
  7.  Add your DISCORD Username on your Bitcointalk Profile YIM Fields

Important Mandatory Rule:

  • Everyone Must Register in our Official Staker Forum – No Forum Activity requirements
  • We have 70% HOLD Rule Requirements to qualify for the airdrop. Newcomers/new joiners for round #13 are exempted to this rule.

Optional Requirements for Extra Multiplier

  • Signature: Wear Staker Signature and get x2 stakes. ( Must post 10 quality post on any place Except – Local,Meta,Bounty,Economics,off topic,Religion)
  • Forum Activity: Making 10 post in our official Forum Except Marketing Task Threads will get 1.20x Airdrop Multiplier Distribution Method: Bitcointalk Account Rank based Distributions.

The major rules changes for this week airdrop is the 70% Holding requirements from t 50% to 70% so pay attention to your balance and make sure you have are holding the 70% of the total STR Airdrop you receive from the duration of your airdrop participation.

Also they are now requiring everyone to join the register in the forum but no forum activity requirements has been announce.

A new addition in the optional requirements that will earn you extra .20% multiplier by simply joining the forum discussion and completing atleast 10 quality post in the official staker community forum.

Well that’s it and i hope you find this article useful and a guide for the airdrop requirements for airdrop #13.

Thank You for reading….



This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from Staker developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via staker Discord.