Staker Token Airdrop #14 Rules & Requirements –

Staker Token Airdrop #14 Rules & Requirements

Staker Token Airdrop #14 Rules & Requirements


Hello, Goodmorning Everyone. Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The Home of the best projects and Airdrop Opportunity. Today we will discuss about the new updated rules of staker token airdrop project.

Staker Development Team already publish the new set of rules for the airdrop #14 this sudden changes was due to the recent change made by bitcointalk regarding jr. member account requirements.

With this new rules this will permit users to join the airdrop without any issues with the old rules. Since most of the airdrop participants of staker token are composed of Jr.Member accounts and majority of those Jr.Members has been demoted to Newbie Account.

To make way for this changes, New rules has been published.

Basic Requirements

1. Bitcointalk Account Registered On or Before July 30, 2018
2. We accept Newbie Upto Legendary BCT Account – Newbie account needs to have 30 Acivity Points.
3. Twitter ACcount with 100 Followers
4. Staker Community Forum Account
5. Discord Account

HOLD RULES: 70% HOLD Rule Requirements to qualify for the airdrop. Newcomers to AD#14 are exempted to this rule


1. Discord Activity – Inactive Account will be skipped.
2. Must Re-Tweet all Tweets by Staker Token
3. 1 Original Tweet and must contain this hashtags ( #STR #AIRDROP #cryptocurrency #POS ) together with your Discord Invite Link
4. Add Your ETH address in your Bitcointalk Profile (BTC,Location,Skype,Others Contact Info) Choose your fields.
5. Add your DISCORD Username on your Bitcointalk Profile YIM Fields

(We will scrap BCT Rank Based Distributions)
Distribution Method: Based on BCT Acitivity Points (1 Activity point = 1 Stake)
Note: The higher your Activity points the higher the rewards

Optional For Added Airdrop Bonus

1. Wearing Personal Text = +50 Stakes on your bitcointalk account
” – POS Smart Contract ETH Token ”

2. Wearing Staker Signature in BCT Forum = Based on Rank
Jr. Member: +50 Stakes
Member: +100 Stakes
F. Member: +200 Stakes
Sr. Member: +300 Stakes
Hero & Legendary +400 Stakes

Note: Must post 10 quality post on any place Except – Local,Meta,Bounty,Economics,off topic,Religion – BURST POSTING is NOT ALLOWED = Example: Making your 10 post in just 1-2 days

3. Staker Forum Activity = +100 Stakes
Register your account for this bonus:,303.0.html

Note: 10 Post requirements in Staker Forum, (Except Marketing Task)
To Avoid SPAM, We will only count max of 3 post per day and Max of 2 Local Post will be counted.

With this new rules the Bitcointalk Account Rank distributions has been completely eliminated and the distribution will not be based on rank but by Bitcointalk Activity. Every 2 weeks we can get 14 activity points provided we have posted 14 post during those 2 weeks period. This will make the distribution fair and will depend on how active you are on bitcointalk.

The signature bonus has been revamp and extra stakes are given from Jr. Member upto Legendary Account. Also Personal Text has been added as an optional requirements and users who wear personal text will get extra stakes for the airdrop.

To sum it up, This rules is the most fairest kind of distributions and im sure everyone is happy about this type of set up.

Anyway, That’s all for today! i hope you find this useful and always make yourself informed by checking out the rules channel for any updates regarding the rules.

Thank you for reading…..



This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from Staker developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via staker Discord.