Staker Token 7th Weekly Community Newsletter –

Staker Token 7th Weekly Community Newsletter

Staker Token 7th Weekly Community Newsletter


Hello Staker Community! Today i bring you the 7th weekly community newsletter for staker token project. For this newsletter we will recap all the news and updates about staker token from the past airdrop week.

Staker Token continue to impress its community with the launch of their official community as an added social media to interact with the community. Also numerous Giveaways and Bounty’s are available for members to earn extra staker tokens. For more information Read: Staker Forum Launch News.

With the launch of the official community forum we can assume that soon it will be a mandatory rule to qualify for the airdrop. For that always pay attention to the rules update every week.

30,000 STR Tokens has been distributed in the last Airdrop Round #10 wherein a total of 285 Accepted airdrop participants shared the total airdrop pot for the said round. For Round #11 true holders airdrop will be held and this time an equal distribution for all participants and not based on bitcointalk rank. True Holders Airdrop will rewards real holders by holding atleast 50% of the total airdrop they receive, If happens your sold your STR Tokens airdrop from the previous rounds you can still buy now and complete the required holding requirements.

The STR developer announce yet another GOODNEWS for the community, But as of now only teaser announcement has been made and everyone are still clueless on what is the bignews for this week. It could be anything from product launch, Exchange listing and any other things that can be considered a GOODNEWS. For now stay tuned and wait for the official announcement from the STR Dev team.

Staker Community Statistics

Staker discord channel grow by 74 more members from the last week and the forum reach 87 members in the last 24 hours after launch.

That’s all for this week and stay tuned for our daily news about STAKER project and Don’t Forget to Re-Tweet, Like and share the article in different Social Media Channel a simple task but will have a great impact on STAKER Crypto Awareness Campaign. 



This News Entry is a personal opinion  and not directly from Staker developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via staker Discord.