GPTCash New Wallet Version Announcement –

GPTCash New Wallet Version Announcement

GPTCash New Wallet Version Announcement


Hello Goodmorning Everyone! Welcome again to, the home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will feature the much awaited announcement of the release of the new GPTCash wallet.

Since the November 2018 the airdrop has been put into complete stop to fork the chain or basically restart the chain and start a swap process for the new GPTCash coin. The sole reason for this event is to eliminate all the cheaters that been found from airdrop round #1 to round #5.

Download Links

Available hard seed node

  • addnode=

Important things to do

  • Download the new GPTCASH wallet version “OLD GPTCASH QT WALLET will not work”
  • Before running your newly downloaded GPTCash wallet, Navigate thru your roaming folder by typing %appdata% on your windows search bar.
  • Look for the GPTCash folder and DELETE “ALL” ITS CONTENTS Including Conf file and wallet.dat
  • Run the new GPTCASH QT Wallet that you downloaded earlier
  • After running it for the first time close the GPTCash wallet first
  • Go back to your roaming folder and look for the gptcash folder to create gptcash configuration file, Create a new blank notepad and add the following line for the node addnode= and save the file by choosing SAVE AS and ALL FILES as the type of file and name the file as gptcash.conf
  • Run your wallet again and sync your wallet

Its important to follow the instruction above failure to follow the instruction will cause lost of coins during the swap process.


GPTCash Devteam will make an announcement regarding the swap registration and the process involve. Always visit the forum to get real time update from the development team.

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GPTCash dev team announce the media partnership of GPTCash and Bitnewsportal, All media related stuffs will be handled by

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