GPTCash 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter –

GPTCash 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter

GPTCash 2nd Weekly Community Newsletter


Hello GoodMorning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog. The home of the best project and airdrop opportunity. As we welcome 2019, We will feature another weekly community newsletter for GPTCash airdrop project.

Cheaters, Abusers, Multiple Accounts that is the common cancer in the whole crypto-currency airdrop opportunity! They are those people that take advantage of the system in order to gain more while the real legit members suffers in the end. GPTCash take a pro-active actions against all those types of misbehavior by Restarting the Blockchain and Introduce a coinswap to eliminate cheaters in the system.

Some says this is a centralized move and against the decentralized nature of crypto-currency but majority of members are in favor of the swap in order to protect their assets against those abusers. A Community Voting was done in order to get the pulse of the community and in the end 80% are in favor of the SWAP.

The coinswap will render all ill gotten GPTCash coins by Abusers as useless or zero value when the coin got listed on a exchange. This is a win win scenario for all the legit community members of GPTCash and after all this hiccups we are safe to assume that the airdrop will continue as usual.

Recently the DevTeam announce a major update to provide a detailed news on what to expect in the upcoming days. [READ: GPTCASH DEV LATEST UPDATE 1/05/2018].

GPTCash is still a young and dynamic project that already proven itself in time of crisis and problem. On my experience other crypto devs will abandon a crypto project at first sight of blockchain problems while GPTCash dev team proves its community that he can take care of any crypto-related problems when it arise along the way. As a GPTCash community member its our responsability to excercise some patience and continue supporting the project by being active in the official GPTCash community forum.

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