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Current Price

  • 0.00007000 BTC (presale price)

Market Information

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About the project

Blockshare is a combination of: Masternode Ranking, Masternode Shares Ranking, MN Voting System, and Masternode Monitoring Services.

The Masternode Ranking provides full and real-time stats of the Coins: Price, Price Change, ROI, Trading Volume, Running Nodes, Running Shared MNs, and Trust Scores.

Our Main Goal: The Blockshare Rating System will become the most important index on the market to help investors choose the best Masternode Projects to invest.

By using the masternode shared service ranking, small investors can easily pick out the best services for their beloved projects.

Blockshare Coin (BLS) is used for paying listing fees on the Blockshare Platform and for using all of the services provided by Blockshare.

Technical Details

  • Name: BlockShare
  • Ticker: BLS
  • Algorithm: QUARK
  • Proof of Work: N/A
  • Proof of Stake: Yes
  • Masternode: Yes
  • Total Supply:76,628,520
  • Pre-Mine: 720 000