Bitnewsportal – Domination Task! THINK Before your CLICK –

Bitnewsportal – Domination Task! THINK Before your CLICK

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Many people come and go in deeponion community forum, Familiar Names and personalities that belong to the top deep points richlist 2 weeks ago are already gone & left the building and new faces are now taking the lead in the domination task.

Majority of people are just doing their domination task and move on and just idle up until a new task is announce this is the most common reason why people got banned and had their deep points reset to zero they are the first to rant about getting zeroed after finishing domination task.

These type of members are usually the profit seekers that don’t care about the project for as long as they get paid for their effort but this is not the goal of the community. Domination task serves as an extra reward to help us earn more deep points while marketing deep onion community. a win win programs for both members and the developers team.

THINK before you CLICK this is a common saying in different social media and we can also apply it on domination task, We should think multiple times before clicking the post button since we will loss more that we earn when our domination submission is deleted.

You don’t need to rush on finishing your domination task in 1 DAY, we have at least 6 days to work & finish the task and we can always do and finish all domination task on the following week. So why rush on taking up all the task? this will only results in a low quality work and most of the time people just copy paste their work/comment/post from 1 domination task to another domination task which can be consider as a USELESS POST and  SPAMMING. 


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