Bitnewsportal Daily Blog #2 – Airdrop as an Opportunity –

Bitnewsportal Daily Blog #2 – Airdrop as an Opportunity


Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Daily blog by bitnewsportal. Today we discuss about airdrop project as an opportunity.

Airdrop project is the fastest way to earn cryptocurrency without investing any money. There are many types of airdrops but today we will only discuss the non-ico & free airdrop opportunity.

Non-Ico Airdrop means this airdrop is a community project and the project developer is not requiring investors to launch his project. Basically this type of airdrop is the best and the most profitable to join. Non-ICO Airdrops can be classified into 2 like free and non-free airdrop. Free airdrop means you don’t need to spend anything to join the airdrop while the non-free required you to hold a number of coins to qualify for the airdrop. A combination of both can also be found on any airdrop project.

Moving on, Airdrop should be treated as an opportunity and not as a JOB. This should be treated as an opportunity to earn a good amount of money in the future. If you are treating this as a job your are basically just throwing your chance to change your life, It means you are selling the cryptocurrency you receive from the airdrop as soon as it lands in your wallet.

This type of people are not the most successful people in crypto, Dumpers as we call them are the weak hands among the community that only thinks of short term and not looking on the bright side of the project. But there are many reason why people dumps they airdropped Crypto’s like food for the table, Bills and some other things that force them to sell the coins/tokens.

That’s all for today I hope you find this article useful and educational, Thank you for reading!