DeepOnion Providing Anonymous Transaction via Tor Network –

DeepOnion Providing Anonymous Transaction via Tor Network

Deeponion was launch last july 2017 from Deeponion was conceptualized and currently being developed by a user named Crypto-Rainbow. Deeponion was designed to fills the gap in what bitcoin is failed to provide anonymity and privacy.  Deeponion are designed to handle all kinds of transactions from messages, sending & receiving onions behind the tor network.

Deeponion is a Hybrid Cryptocurrency using both POW and POS Algorithm. they offer user friendly windows tor integrated wallet that is secured and private from network surveillance.

The developer is currently working on a new technology called deepsend that will enable its user to take advantage on the most advance sending features that offer more privacy and more secured transactions.

Currently Deeponion Developer Team are running an AIRDROP in forum to Distribute the coins freely to the masses. there are 35 more weeks of airdrop and dont think twice. Deeponion has a great and strong community support not only on but on their official forum.

Active community participation are playing a big important role in bring this coin to its full potential, right now its already listed on coinmarketcap and on its way to $1.00 price per onion.

BTCtalk (xsinx) UID 717573

Donate Onions: DWkq8bLsZMVouXEN3W8gKdmH4M8tsUuY38

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